Business FAQ

Where do I send my ad?

You may send your ad to us at


When will I receive my souvenirs?

After your order is paid for, we will produce the items and get your souvenirs to you as soon as possible!


Can I make changes to my ad once I have submitted it?

We strive to perfect  the ad to your liking. As long as your items have not been produced, we're happy to make any changes you need.


How do I know you are working with the school?

Most schools that we work with provide us a signed confirmation letter of the program agreement; however not all schools do this as the agreement is made verbally over the phone. Feel free to ask your representative if your school has a confirmation letter on file.


What does the school get?

Your ad on the items of course! This program is a great way for the school to gain attendance at their sporting events as well as added excitement in the stands! 


Why can't I go directly through the school?

We developed this program so that the coaches, athletic directors, and club leaders do not have to coordinate this on their own. We handle all of the work so they can dedicate their time to their programs. 


How will I know that they got their items?

You will receive your samples at the same time.  Everything is shipped at the same time unless it is during the summer months. In that case, they will receive them starting mid-August. 


Have additional questions? Let us know!